My motivation at work is rapid development over the long-term. I could really not care less about "the craft of development". I would rather be shipping features and enjoying the sun than be gold plating the code.

It just happens that I think a quality code base, within reasonable limits, supports long-term feature delivery velocity. For instance, it once took 12-hours on my own and 4-hours pairing with a colleague to find a defect in my local development environment. Those 20-hours could have been on feature development.

I also run a small café. Time that staff spend to troubleshot the dishwasher, the espresso machine, or the cash register is time they could spend producing food or serving customers. We buy a new dishwasher not for love of the craft of dishwashers.

There are trade-offs. These fall under the idea of technical debt. Often it makes business sense to prioritize a short-term feature at the expense of long-term feature velocity. That incurs debt, because in the short-term we cut corners, which decreases code quality, which decreases long term feature delivery velocity...

So if you find me whinging about code quality, which I tend to do, it isn't for love of the craft. It's for love of shipping features and taking vacation!